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Foundations FAQs


What is Bumblebee Academy Foundations Program?

Bumblebee Academy Foundations Program is a private learning center that focuses on small classroom learning environment that allows students to learn from each other, achieve individual goals and develop foundational skills that can lead them to transitioning into a traditional learning environment. The teaching method we will be using focuses on helping students who need to catch up and get ahead.


What is your teaching method?

We are happy to report that while doing our research, the science behind ABA led us to an evidence-based teaching method developed by behavior analysts, that perfectly aligns with our mission and goals for the academy. We will be implementing the Morningside Model of Generative Instruction (MMGI). This is a non-traditional teaching method that supports children needing to catch up or get ahead academically. (Read More)


Where is it located?

Our campus is located on the border of Vero Beach and Fort Pierce just eight minutes from our Vero Beach Center. All classrooms in one building with three playgrounds and green space for PE.

6708 Gaddy Street, Fort Pierce, FL 34951


What grade levels will be offered in the Foundations Program?

Learners at elementary skill level are welcome.


What is the size of the learning center?

We will have classrooms with an average of 8-10 students per classroom. The learner to staff ratio will be no more than 10:1 and as low as 6:1.


Will meals be provided?

Not at this time, but this may change in the future.


Is morning/aftercare an option?

Aftercare will be offered Monday through Friday until 5:30pm. Please contact the Academy if morning care is needed.


Will Speech/OT/ABA services be permitted in the learning center?

Yes! All Speech and OT service providers will be welcomed into our classrooms. Our sister company, Piece of the Puzzle Behavior Analysis will be our exclusive ABA therapy provider. Additionally, our teachers will be trained in ABA techniques and will collaborate on all outside services on an ongoing basis to best support all students.


What makes Bumblebee Academy Foundations Program different?

Bumblebee Academy welcomes learners of all abilities and teaches with a concentration on inclusion and kindness. Our teachers and BCBAs will assess each child individually to understand their current skill level and develop appropriate educational goals. Classroom teachers will receive ongoing training and support from consultants who developed the MMGI teaching method as well as the academy leadership that will allow them to better teach and support each child in their small classroom environment.




What is the investment for an academic year at Bumblebee Academy?


Tuition: (items below included)

  • Instructional Materials

  • Technology: Learning programs/Apps and Parent Communication System                              


Required Fees: (all fees listed are per student and non-refundable)

  • Initial admissions & assessment: $299

  • Essential package (ONLY) assessment: $199

  • Enrichment Assessment: $125

  • Returning Student Registration/Re-assessment Fee: $199/year


Payment Options:

Monthly payment plans will be available including automatic payment withdrawal.

  • Sibling Discount: A 5% sibling discount is given to families that have multiple siblings enrolled concurrently at the learning center. The discount only applies to tuition and not to any other fees. The oldest sibling is not eligible for the 5% discount. 


Academic Calendar

Fall Semester : August- December

Spring Semester: January - May


*Winter, Spring and Summer Break Sessions will be scheduled separately

*Tuition is subject to change 

Premier : Monday-Friday : 8:30am-5:30pm : All academics, enrichment, specials : $1625  

Standard : Monday-Friday : 8:30am- 3:00pm : All academics, specials : $13250 

Enrichent : Monday- Friday : 3:00-5:30pm : Social Skills

Tuition pricing is for 10-month academic year

We do offer direct billing to the FES-UA scholarship through Step Up for Students. For more information on that funding, click here.

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