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Our Philosophy

For years, there has been a myth that because of its anatomical size, the laws of physics prove a bumblebee should not be able to fly. However, in recent years it has been documented that bumblebees are able to successfully fly by moving their wings from front to back rather than up and down, like other flying insects.

We find this fact to be a great analogy for the success of people as well. Everyone’s path may look different, but regardless of our limitations, we all have the potential to succeed…even if we do it our own way.

Bumblebee Academy is a school that is being developed after recognizing a need in our community. Our team possesses an authentic passion for seeing children and adults reach their potential while feeling safe, being treated with respect, and building relationships.

By offering a small, inclusive classroom learning environment, our teachers are able to provide students with the extra attention and support that will help them achieve their individual and classroom goals. The philosophy our school is centered around three ideas: inclusion, respect and quality.



Bumblebee Academy provides an inclusive environment for our students, their families, teachers and staff. We promote both acceptance and celebration of everyone’s abilities and differences. Inclusion is a core value that is intertwined through everything we do and they way we do it.



We believe that quality is something that must be built and maintained. What allows us to provide quality experiences in the classroom is support, which comes from ongoing education, training and growth. We invest in our teachers and provide them the right support they need in order to teach their students and help them reach their goals.


Children and adults alike deserve to be treated with respect to feel valued and safe. The respect and dignity that we give is what will empower a student to reach their highest potential.


We believe that with the right support, respect and environment, no one is bound by limits. We hope that when you join the Bumblebee Academy family you see the sky is the limit!

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