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Company Culture Matters to Us


Bumblebee Academy has an amazing group of people who work together as a team to support our students and each other. Inclusion, quality and respect are not just things we preach to our students. These three core values are what form our company culture for what we like to call our BA family. We understand that to bring out the best in our students, we must bring out the best in the adults who serve them.



We work hard to maintain an inclusive environment, not just for our students, but also for our educators. BA welcomes team members of all backgrounds, strengths, and level of experience. We promote both acceptance and celebration of everyone’s abilities and differences! By encouraging every team member to be their own authentic self, we hope they feel empowered to express their passion and bring their talents to life in our work environment.



We value honesty, hard work, creativity and compassion. Our overall culture promotes the guidance, personal development, and growth of our team members. We offer several opportunities for continued education and specialized training so that our teachers have the in-classroom support they need to best support our students and their families.



Children and adults alike deserve to be treated with respect to feel valued and safe. BA understand the challenges teachers face and know that happy and appreciated people have the most to give to their students. 

We believe family should always come first. BA strives to provide a positive and healthy work environment for all team members by offering flexibility and promoting work-life balance. The respect and dignity that we share for our team members is what will empower them to reach their highest potential.

If you share these same values and priorities and have a desire to be part of this growing institution, you could be a great fit! When you join our team of educated and talented professionals, you become a part of our family.

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